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At Premium Welding & Manufacturing are experts in manufacturing from many materials, such as duplex, super duplex, Stainless steels, carbon steels and chrome moly materials. PW&M regularly undertake material testing and write their own weld procedures. PW&M expertise and experience have regularly solved customer problems.

PW&M regularly work with third parties such as DNV, Bureau Veritas, ABS and Lloyds and have over 100 weld procedures qualified to ASME IX, and other standard.

PW&M facility working practices have been developed over many years to meet the demanding requirements of the onshore, and offshore industry and nuclear industries.

PW&M employ some of the top welders in Houston, with many years of welding pressure vessels in specialist materials PW&M undertake many kinds of destructive and non-destructive testing, including mechanical testing, X-ray, Ultrasonic testing and others.

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